Feedback on acupuncture in Hastings


'Taru is quite simply the best all round therapist I've met over several years of managing lower back pain and stiffness. Taru brings an amazing skillset to work with targetted treatments to help overall balance as well as injured areas. Taru's gentle and insightful manner doing acupuncture in Hastings has helped me relax, moving towards recovery and on to a much more flexible and strong body and an energised outlook.' 

KW, 44 yrs

'It was fantastic. I couldn't move from lower back pain & all down my  legs. I had to seek help. I had acupuncture from Taru on my legs, down the thighs, in my ears, & then my back. I had the fire treatment  too. After 12 hours it was fixed. It lasted 12 weeks, so I went again and it lasted a year. Then the pain came back so I went again and now it has lasted for good: that was 8 years ago. It worked. I have  recommended it over the years as you can only go on your own experience.  I don't get back pain anymore, the odd twinge, nothing like all those years ago.' RM, 54 yrs, Builder

'Well I must say I feel amazing! Thank you so much! My hips and pelvis  haven't felt as mobile as they do this morning for years. It's so good to  actually be able to move them around and not be in constant pain. As you know I have been suffering for such a long time. Also, my ankle swelling has really gone down and I can actually see my ankle bone!

I feel marvellous, thank you! I will definitely be in again for some more of your wonderful treatment. So glad I've found you & acupuncture in Hastings.'

JL, 43 yrs

'I have been going to Taru for a couple of years, for massages and  acupuncture. I have found her to be very professional in every aspect, explaining what each procedure is for, and the benefits of them. In my opinion I could not have wished for a nicer person.'

JK,  73 yrs

Taru is a warm and friendly person & her massage was just what I needed.  She released the tension from my neck, shoulders and lower back, and sent me into a state of dreamy relaxation. She left me feeling light and happy! I'll definitely be back for another treatment.'

MW, 36 yrs

'I went for several different problems: for massage for back pain then finding I could trust to share about digestive problems & pain I have had daily for 15  years. Because I could combine treatments in different ways, massage & acupuncture, & then Reiki at the end of sessions, it gives me so much positive energy that the pain is less and less in just 10  weeks & I can handle any left over discomfort better.

I feel in such a good mood that the pain goes down further: it's a circle, each helps the other. Because the right points are stimulated through the treatments they have no choice, they have to change for the better. The bloating went first, then each week more & more benefit. My psychological state affects the  stomach pain. If I am calm inside with more good energy, not all that nervousness & fear, that helps and no surgery can help in that way. These things work when you find the right person to work with, with the right understanding, with the right approach.' 

LR,  51 yrs

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