Acupressure Massage in Hastings

Deep Tissue Massage & Holistic Massage


Deep Tissue treatments offer the benefits of firm remedial techniques, starting gently and  building  gradually with pressure, manipulation, and movement in a strongly therapeutic targetted approach. 

Holistic massage uses nourishing rhythmic integrating therapeutic massage designed to remove tension and stress and calm the system.

Acupressure massage: Tuina


Tuina or acupressure massage in Hastings is perfect when people want the benefit of acupuncture but without needles. Tuina treatment uses the same points, channels and oriental medicine principle as acupuncture but uses hand, movement & pressure techniques instead. Tuina uses a mixture of strong and gentle techniques such as rocking, gliding, kneading, pressing and other traditional strokes. It creates a firm and tonifying yet relaxing therapeutic massage, both remedial and tension releasing, excellent for treating painful areas.

Blended massage & acupuncture


Using a blend of massage & acupuncture allows people to enjoy the restorative balancing benefits of both treatments. Acupuncture can help release/relax tender areas first so that they are able to be massaged. For facial tonification usually both are used. Face & head massage is deeply relaxing so a beautiful way to finish a facial acupuncture treatment.