Acupuncture in Hastings

What is it?

shoulder acupuncture in hastings

Acupuncture has traditionally been used to restore wellbeing for over 2000 years. Fine disposable needles are inserted at key points on the energy channels described in classical oriental medicine texts.  This is based on the  principle that regulating the flow of 'qi' (vital energy) in those pathways affects the body's ability to function: if qi is not  flowing freely imbalance can occur. In traditional oriental terms, acupuncture frees the flow of qi to help restore natural equilibrium. 

What happens?

acupuncture model

At the first meeting I will ask you questions to get an outline of what is troubling you, your health history & pattern of symptoms, and also look at your tongue, pulse, & other relevant signs to make a diagnosis & treatment plan according to the principles of classical oriental medicine.  Usually the patient sits or lies down to relax during the the treatment. Fine single-use needles are gently inserted with a rapid virtually painless technique & left for 20-40 minutes. People generally feel relaxed, awake, and energised after treatment.

How long will it take?


My job as a practitioner of acupuncture in Hastings is to treat you in as few sessions as possible for lasting results. Sometimes people get great results after only one session but 4 to 6 weekly sessions may be  recommended to stabilise progress & address underlying causes of imbalance for your long-term optimal health. Sometimes I suggest  some acupressure points for you to treat yourself at home with so we are working together  to get you  back to full recovery as quickly as possible. 

Facial Acupuncture


Facial acupuncture can help affect skin, muscle tone and lines. Targetted gentle stimulation of local muscles tonifies them, basically performing face gym whilst you relax. Combined with facial massage this is a deeply relaxing, tonifying treatment for the face which can also boost related organ systems using microsytems acupuncture principles. As the face is the prime communicator of emotions & as patients observe, it can also powerfully affect related emotions, e.g. releasing hard-to-shift sadness & tensions. 

Pregnancy & Fertility


Acupuncture has become well used as an adjunct to help ease and support pregnancy, birth, and fertility. Acupressure may also be used to help balance the body through the process of pregnancy.

Other methods


Adjunct treatments such as cupping can supplement acupuncture treatment, or energy healing, the use of magnets to promote flow of qi energy, taping & plasters designed to stimulate lymph flow to escalate recovery. Slide cupping, using cups with warm oil, allows a strong deep tissue massage to release deeply held tensions.